40+ of the Funniest Tweets About King Charles’ Coronation

Twitter // @Nicky_Jayia

King Charles’ coronation was held on May 6th, 2023, and to call it controversial would be an understatement. Some people believe that the monarchy should be dissolved altogether. Others think the royals bring in more money than they spend. There are individuals who are team William/Kate. There are those who are team Harry/Meghan. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that these tweets about the coronation are absolutely hilarious!


We understand that the coronation had to remain posh and professional. That being said, it’d have been really cool if the King and the bishops would’ve played along with their chessboard roles, at least for a little bit.

Twitter // @DavidMuttering

Actually, it could’ve been a wonderful marketing strategy for the royal family. The moment would certainly go viral, people would absolutely love it, and it’d make the royals seem more relatable and fun. Perhaps this idea can be revisited at the next coronation.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the King’s defense, he probably never bothered to learn the lines because he thought he’d never have the opportunity to use them. For a while there, it seemed like Queen Elizabeth was immortal and would continue her reign forever.

Twitter // @JimMFelton

Add to that our current cancel culture being on overdrive, Harry’s tell-all book Spare, and people trying to get the monarchy abolished — and we don’t really blame Charles for not wanting to get himself hyped up over something that might not happen.

King Grandpa

Poor Louis must’ve been so confused about what he should now call the man we know as King Charles. At the coronation, all the five-year-old heard was how his grandfather had gone from Prince to King and that everyone must now call him that latter.

Twitter // @TribesBritannia

We can see how that’d be confusing for a kid. So, does he now call his grandfather King? Does he stick with Grandpa? Or perhaps he opts for King Grandpa?

The Show Must Go On

The royal family was truly prepared for anything, as they made sure to have some spare Camillas on hand because the show must go on. Spare One and Spare Two are actually the Queen’s Coronation Companions — Annabel Elliot and Fiona Mary Petty-Fitzmaurice.

Twitter // @nicolathorp_

It makes sense that Annabel would look like Camilla because she’s actually the Queen’s sister. As for Fiona, she’s the Marchioness of Lansdowne. Or, you know, they’re Spare One and Spare Two, whichever you prefer.