Kanye West Talks About His Vision and Plans for the Future

Kanye West is known for changing the music industry, revolutionizing fashion and sneakers — and now, he is designing the building blocks of food, clothing, and shelter. He has recently purchased thousands of acres of land in Wyoming to build a test site for his numerous potential ideas.

Kanye West while performing
Kanye West Talks About His Vision and Plans for the Future

Will Welch had the opportunity to follow him from Cody, Wyoming to Calabasas, California, and from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to Paris, France, all the while interviewing him along the way.

New Albums, an “Altered” and Renewed Faith

Welch got deep and personal with Kanye as he joined him for over a month to talk about his vision and plans for the future. He mentioned that some of the laymen seen in the back of many of West’s pictures are his architects. They follow him around almost everywhere and are always taking down ideas.

West has recently become more active in the public eye after an extended time, in which he was quite silent. According to Kanye West, “Christ altered my ego,” which guided him to start his choir and Sunday Service. He also released a new faith-centric rap album, which was No. 1.

He also made his return to Paris Fashion Week and purchased a property in Wyoming. Many are wondering what it all came from or what it’s adding up to.

Kanye West and the Future

Farmland with farming vehicles and sheep
Kanye West Talks About His Vision and Plans for the Future

The land that Kanye West purchased consists of about 4,000 acres, lakes, and even wildlife. A tiny part of his vision is to raise the sheep that will later produce the wool for his Yeezy clothing brand. However, there is more to it.

The plan is for the land also to be where he constructs his test site, one of his boldest endeavors to date. It will potentially include single-family dwellings and even multi-family versions or retreat centers.