These Guys Are Telling Us the Annoying Things Their Female Friends Do

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Having a platonic relationship with a friend of the opposite gender can be quite complicated. To be more specific, it may lead to some frustrated feelings on both ends, as guys generally don’t always understand why women do the things that they do, and vice versa. In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways in which guys have claimed that their female friends annoy them. You may be able to predict what some of them may be, but we can guarantee that others may surprise you…

She Turns Me Against Her Boyfriend

This guy feels as though the only time his friend (who happens to be a girl) ever wants to spend time with him is to complain about her boyfriend. She doesn’t hold back in sharing every detail about their arguments and why she’s upset with him.

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It only makes sense that his opinion of the boyfriend would be affected if he only hears bad things. For this reason, it’s kind of unfair for the friend to then give him an ear-full over his ill relationship with her significant other. What did she expect?

She Ignores My Relationship Advice

When we’re under the influence of infatuation, it can sometimes be difficult to see red flags that are otherwise obvious to those closest to us. However, this guy always has his friend’s back and makes sure to tell her when he doesn’t think a love interest is good enough for her.

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However, she always thinks that she knows better. Then, when things inevitably go south in their relationship, the friend always has to be there to comfort and make her feel better. Next time, she should take his advice. Friends can often see what we are too close to see.

(Not So) Subtle Manipulation

In some platonic relationships, people often alter the boundaries of the relationship according to what suits them. For example, some girls will act flirty and innocent towards their male friends when they ask for a favor.

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However, if the guy were to act the same way towards her, he would be taking it a step too far. The girl would see it as though he was ‘making a move’ on her, which is deemed unacceptable. Ladies, when you want something, just ask straight out.

They Gossip About Their Other Friends

Not everybody likes to gossip. Women generally gossip more than men. This guy can’t stand it when his female friend constantly talks badly or complains about her other friends.

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In his mind, if she’s talking badly about her other friends, what is stopping her from talking badly about him behind his back? People want to feel safe in their friendships. This is not the way to do it.