AI Showed Us What 30 of Our Favorite Celebs Will Really Look Like When They Get Old

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(Left) Shutterstock // Tinseltown | (Right) Twitter // @yashar

All celebrities are beautiful to us, aren’t they? Under glitzy spotlights and in gorgeous gowns, it’s hard to imagine them one day switching out their high heels for orthopedic shoes or their thousand-dollar suits for cozy robes and slippers. Thanks to AI, we don’t have to wonder what age looks like paired with beauty; we can know here and now! Check out these celebrities now alongside what AI predicts these beloved pieces of our culture will look like when they’re old and gray.

Robert Pattinson

From our first vampire heartthrob to Bruce Wayne stalking criminals in the night, Robert Pattinson has done it all. And now, he’s “aged” well too. It seems like that eternal vampire skin did him some good!

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Black really is his color, isn’t it? Maybe his career as a vampire in the Twilight series to Batman means that black is a staple for this guy. We’re rooting for you, Robert Pattinson! Whatever your next movie role, we’ve got your back!

Emma Stone

This sweetheart’s sweet smile just gets better with time, doesn’t it? Emma Stone just has that friendly warmth to her that makes you want to sit down over a hot cup of tea and share all of life’s secrets and complexities.

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Miss Emma, in her old age, just takes that warmth to the next level. All of us need a person that greets us with an Emma Stone smile. Honestly, we’re excited about this life stage for Emma. It looks good on her!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan, oh, Ryan. That smirk just doesn’t ever get old – even when he does. Ryan first stole our hearts in The Notebook, and he kind of just kept them. He’s done a little bit of everything in his acting career, and it all seems to work for him.

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Whether he’s singing our hearts into heaven in La La Land or playing a sneaky CIA agent in The Gray Man, Ryan has done it all and looked good while doing it. Let’s just say that the turtleneck works for him.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa makes all of our favorite disco-pop music, and even in old age, she’s rocking it! How does she keep her skin so dewy and glowy, her hair so silky, and her eyebrows so well-shaped? Dua Lipa, give us your tips!

(Left) Shutterstock // Featureflash Photo Agency | (Right) Instagram // @alperyesiltas

Some musicians don’t age well because the performance industry can take a toll on the body. But if this is what Dua Lipa has to look forward to, she’s going to be owning the stage for years to come.