Blind Dates Reveal the True Feelings Through Cognitive Signals: Study

They say you can judge how your partner feels with certain visual cues, right from the first date. But a recent study reveals that the signs of attraction in the case of blind dates are a little different. According to the experimental research, it’s not the laugh and gestures that indicate attraction, but the skin conductivity and synchronized heart rate that show the true feelings.

The Objective

Cognitive neuroscientist Eliska Prochazkova from the Leiden University of Netherlands, along with her team, has been researching the scientific signals of instant attraction between two people meeting for the first time. Their subjects were Dutch festival-goers, who were set up for a short meeting with strangers to let the scientists test their instant psychological responses. As Prochazkova explained, they wanted to stimulate a dating app-like date, where the people meeting each other will interact for a short time. The focal objective of the experiment was to read people’s emotions to find out how they are influenced by each other’s presence.

The Experiment

The researcher team set up mobile labs at various festivals across the Netherlands and took a sample of 140 willing heterosexual single men and women, attaching multiple sensors to track and read their pupil size, skin conductivity, heart rate, gaze, and body language. A barrier wall was put up between the two daters and dropped for a few seconds, allowing the daters to have a quick glimpse of their partners. Then there were both verbal and non-verbal interactions, each of two minutes. It was observed that the women used flirtatious moves and the men stared at the women’s faces to show their attraction. However, the study revealed that flirtatious gestures are not necessarily an indicator of true attraction as they’re often done just because the person wants to be liked. Instead, it was the synchronization of heart rate that was the true indicator of their attraction.

‘The Rock’ rocks the Forbes List by Making History as The Highest Paid Actor

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has made the top position in 20 years history of the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. With a whopping earning amount of $124 million, the Forbes celebrity earners list for 2020 has named The Rock as the highest-paid actor in the world. The list has also positioned him as the world’s 10th highest-paid celebrity after Kanye West, Tyler Perry, LeBron James, and others.

Fortune Factors of 2020

In 2019, the same list had ranked Johnson at number 15. The credit of this current boost in his chart definitely goes to his upcoming movies Jungle Cruise, Black Adam, and Red Notice. Forbes states that the famed actor is getting paid a lump sum amount of more than $20 million for each movie. Besides, he is still receiving regular paychecks for working as a host of The Titan Games and for his own sitcom Young Rock.

Career of 2020

THE TITAN GAMES — Season: 2 — Pictured: Dwayne Johnson — (Photo by: Hiram Garcia/NBC)

His screen-time on HBO’s Ballers ended in 2019. But the end of one project seemingly has not affected the steady growth and sizable earning in Johnson’s acting career, having a lot more on his plate in 2020. NBC’s wrestling show The Titan Games has established him as a popular host since 2019. The semi-autobiographical sitcom Young Rock is a bigger project with him as Creator, Executive Producer, and also Narrator. Apart from all these TV ventures, The Rock is going to appear in the film Free Guy, along with Red Notice and Jungle Cruise, all scheduled to release in 2021. Currently, the actor is filming Black Adam following a grueling workout routine.

Total Net Worth

In addition to his acting career, Johnson has dived into fashion too. He released branded clothing under his ‘Under Armor’ collaboration line ‘Project Rock’. He is also part-owner of Voss Water, owning a stake in the brand. He purchased the American football league XFL in 2020. According to, The Rock’s total estimated net worth is $320 million. With his increasing filmography and brand collaborations, the long 25-years career-built fortune of the actor and former wrestling star seems to grow bigger by ‘Rock-steady’ success.