40+ Funny Cats Sleeping in the Weirdest Positions

This article appeared in notfries.com and has been published here with permission.
Instagram // @worldfullofcats

Cats have a tendency to do strange things, like sleep just about anywhere, from boots and cacti to hard chairs and shoes. And thanks to the owners of these cats, we get to have a good laugh as we take you through a few pictures of funny cats sleeping in the weirdest positions. If you aren’t laughing by the end of these… Well, you will be, so let’s get started!

Mission Impossible Kitty

Have you ever found yourself so tired that you fall asleep in the weirdest possible position? This kitty did, and if this picture is anything to go by, we think it’s safe to say that it had a very good nap indeed!

Reddit // u/Vo1x

When the fatigue sets in, it is hard to fight it, which is probably what this poor kitty thought as it made itself quite comfortable between the couch and an end table. Kudos to the kitty for not falling through the cracks, so to speak.

Home Alone Shenanigans

Do you remember the tricks you used to get up to when you were home alone as a child? Whether it was watching something you weren’t supposed to or digging into the hidden snacks, we all did something we probably shouldn’t have.

Reddit // u/Ralph_the_Cat

And, in the case of this sweet kitty, they chose to take a nap in a rather surprising place while his owners were out for the day. What’s the weirdest place you’ve caught your cat taking a nap? Does it trump this one?

A Nice Soft (Flower) Bed

This next kitty mistook their new snack box as a bed as they made their sleep spot in a freshly planted box of oat grass! It was meant for a tasty treat and not a place for them to lay their head down for a nap.

Reddit // u/Amyzonian

But, we can’t really blame the cat, as we, too, would love to take a nap on that soft grass in the warm window box of this home. Maybe next time, the owners should plant their oat grass in smaller containers. Or, better yet, outside.

Not a Cup Holder

Modern cars have a number of nifty little gadgets to make your life easier, don’t they? Sure, older cars had their uses, but did they have cup holders big enough to hold a kitten? No, Sir, they didn’t!

Reddit // u/PYRO49

Who would have thought that a cup holder could be such a nifty little kitten holder when the need arises? Guess we have technology to thank for this sweet kitty’s sleeping spot. Because we love it, and you can rest assured that we will be trying this one out for ourselves.