Tom Brady Won His 7th Super Bowl Title at the Age of 43

For many, including NBA superstar LeBron James, Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl win was inspiring, especially since he won it at 43 years old. LeBron James, who is 36 years old in his twenty-first season of the NBA, agreed that he was inspired by Tom Brady’s performance, but it’s not informative.

Tom Brady accepting the Lombardi Trophy after helping his team win Super Bowl LV.

LeBron Chimes in on Brady’s Seventh Super Bowl Win

LeBron has watched Tom Brady play for quite some time and stated that it was pretty cool to watch him go out, play football, and do the things he’s done in his career to win yet another Super Bowl the way he did. He mentioned this after finishing up a game where he scored 28 points, had 14 rebounds, and 12 assists for the L.A. Lakers as he helped them win against the Oklahoma City Thunder 119-112 as the game went into overtime.

While LeBron doesn’t know how long he’s going to be playing in the NBA or how much he’ll be able to give to the game, he has no timetable. He added that the game would let him know when it’s time for him to retire and that’s when he’ll figure it out.

Tom Brady Is Being Praised by the World

Tom Brady was able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy yet again at the end of another Super Bowl. He helped his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, win the big game against the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-9 victory.

Teammates Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate their Super Bowl LV win.

Brady was able to toss three touchdowns, two of which were to his teammate Rob Gronkowski, whom he played with for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady now has a total of seven Super Bowl wins, and helping his team win at the age of 43 has the world praising him. His wins are more than any other NFL franchise has. Both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are going to play at least another season with Tampa Bay.