Jake Paul Blames Drake for His Recent Boxing Loss

Jake Paul Blames Drake for His Recent Boxing Loss

There is no end to the superstition that surrounds sports. From lucky coins to lucky pants, everything and everyone can be dragged into the beliefs that plague sportsmen. Turns out, even the newer generation isn’t exempt from such things. Case in point – Jake Paul, who is blaming his recent loss in the match against Tommy Fury on none other than internationally acclaimed rapper Drake!

The Fight

The fight between the two professional boxers has been on the back bench for two and a half years. Due to Fury’s series of medical issues and visa problems, the 23-year-old British boxer was unable to go head-to-head with Paul. Finally, on February 26th, the duo strapped on their gloves and met for the much- anticipated showdown at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. After eight rounds of high energy, Fury emerged victorious and claimed the prize.

Adam Sandler Seen Using a Cane While Recovering From Hip Surgery

Actor Adam Sandler was recently spotted walking with a cane on the streets. Around Labor Day, the actor reportedly went through hip surgery. The comedian-actor is currently doing a few projects and is set to start a stand-up tour in the coming October. According to sources, he’s steadily recovering after his surgery.

The Projects

The well-known actor made his comeback in the dramatic movie Hustle, released on Netflix earlier this summer. During the same time, Adam Sandler also started production of You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah! This project reunites him with Idina Menzel, his co-star from Uncut Gems. The movie, alongside two others, is currently in the post-production stage. The actor reportedly decided to have his hip surgery between these projects.

The Surgery

According to sources, Adam Sandler’s hip surgery was not a case of a medical emergency. It was specifically scheduled for this summer and came after a busy year in his career. Now photos of him in the media show the actor walking around with a cane. According to reports, Adam Sandler had been using it for weeks but hadn’t explained the cause. Now it seems the cause has been his hip surgery all along. Photos of him being mobile and able to walk around are giving his fans a lot of expectations that the comedian will be perfectly up and about for his highly anticipated month-long stand-up tour in late October.

The Expectations

The Saturday Night Live alum is scheduled to take the stage on 20th October in Uncasville, Connecticut. After that, the actor will hit the road traveling all across the US through mid-November. And his surgery isn’t slowing the actor down at all! It looks like, along with his upcoming tour, Adam Sandler has already planned ahead with not one, but three movies in post-production!