The Real-Life Diet & Beach Workouts of Xander Bogaerts

To any sports and baseball lover, the name Xander Bogaerts means a lot. Much like fans, the Boston Red Sox shortstop has no clue whether there will be an MLB season this year or not. Ever since the global pandemic spread around the globe, Xander has been staying at his home in Aruba, trying to keep a workout routine while tossing baseballs with Jair, his twin brother.

Xander Bogaerts in action on the baseball field
The Real-Life Diet & Beach Workouts of Xander Bogaerts

FIFA and Fortnite Are Part of His Routine

When asked about how his days pass while at home, Xander Bogaerts says he goes straight to his PlayStation as soon as he wakes up. He no longer has to wake up early to work out because there is no timetable for returning. He plays a lot of FIFA and Fortnite, and then has cereal or eggs for breakfast. His workouts are in the afternoon, and besides that and playing dominos with his buddies, there isn’t much else to his daily routine.

Xander Bogaerts’s Workout Regime

Xander Bogaerts working out in the gym
The Real-Life Diet & Beach Workouts of Xander Bogaerts

Currently, Xander is in maintenance mode, which means he doesn’t do too much weightlifting. He’s been using the workout equipment and regime the Red Sox have given him and his fellow teammates. He combines the workouts with some baseball warmups with his twin brother since they’re both into the sport. He also hits the beach sometimes to train, since that’s the only way to visit the beach because of the unprecedented measures.

He Loves Fries, But His Diet Is Different

Although his cheat meal is french fries, his regular diet is quite different. He usually has eggs in the morning together with some tea or coffee. He’ll sometimes have a ham and cheese sandwich after he’s done with practice, and will snack with a protein shake before a game. He often has dinner pretty late at night because of his game schedule. As of recently, however, his routine is much simpler since no one really knows when the season will get the green light to start again.