Possible Risks of Bed-Sharing With Pet Dogs in Winter

Most pet owners love to sleep alongside their pets, especially dogs. While bed-sharing with your canine companion comes with many health benefits, some vets warn that it can get risky sometimes, especially during the chillier months in winter. Here are a few potential dangers that may arise from this seemingly adorable practice.


This is one of the main concerns of bed-sharing with dogs during winter. In colder months, your pet dog likely loves to snuggle in your bed with you, under warm covers. But according to some veterinary researchers, multiple layers of weighted blankets, thick duvets, and electrically heated blankets may pose a risk for the dog. Especially puppies, very small dogs, elderly dogs, and dogs suffering from arthritis or other mobility problems may find it difficult to have a safe exit point and may struggle to get out if the bed gets too hot. The situation poses risks of burns, at the least. Also, the electrical cord of a heated blanket can be dangerous for a dog, especially those who have a biting and chewing tendency.

Sleep Quality

There is some evidence that shows that bed-sharing with a dog can negatively impact the quality of sleep. A 2020 study found that sleeping with a dog in bed caused uneasy movements throughout the night by the owners. Few other studies also have suggested that sharing a bed with a dog might affect sleep quality, though the impact is usually very mild. On the contrary, a 2018 study concluded that bed-sharing with pet dogs delivers stronger feelings of security and comfort, especially for women. Sharing sleeping spaces with pets has been practiced by mankind throughout history. So, some psychologists argue that this human-animal co-sleeping habit is beneficial for both parties. Nevertheless, be cautious while snoozing alongside your pet dog under a blanket.

Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers, Feels More Like a Movie for the Buss Family

It looks like the Los Angeles Lakers don’t know where to stop. After creating magic through Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, and They Call Me Magic on HBO, they are back with Legacy; a 10-part documentary series now premiering on Hulu for the fans to enjoy. This series is focused on bench players of the Lakers.

The Laker Family

Jerry Buss, the late owner of the LA Lakers, and his family have always been active participants when it comes to the Lakers. Jeanie Buss, Jerry’s daughter and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, and all her siblings sit through interviews with rosters of details of all players, coaches, and other personnel of the team for the docuseries. Even the director was highly focused on the Buss family and their determination to make the Lakers not just the best franchise in the NBA but Buss’s family business. Some fans have shown disappointment with the series, stating that it only highlights how much the famous family contributed to the team. Legacy seems like an attempt to change the team’s narrative after the full-blown drama happened on the portrayal of important players of the team.

The Storyline

If one wants to watch Legacy to relive the Lakers’ basketball matches, then they are in for a disappointment because it seems they are very limited scenes, and not enough screen time is given to those scenes. Other than those few events, the rest of the series talks about the places and tournaments the Lakers played, their favorite night spots, and how Jerry turned the Forum. The series also talks about coach Jackson’s personal life and the voiceovers of some of the celebrity Lakers fans who are given enough importance and screen time. For all the fans who have supported the Lakers for years now, this series might not meet their expectations.