Man Claims to Be Time Traveller Who Traveled Back With Fascinating Predictions

People have tried to predict the future for the longest time. There seems to be something mystical and extremely alluring to know what’s in store, especially on a larger scale. Many people have been said to be skilled fortune-tellers, including Nostradamus and even the TV show The Simpsons. But this time, it’s Noah who claims he managed to time travel to the year 2030. What does this man from the future have to tell us? Find out below!

Aliens Are Finally Coming to Us

A lot of Noah’s predictions are related to the arrival of aliens to our planet. According to him, they will come with peace and we will all live alongside each other. The slender-like creatures are described as a strange mixture of alligators and seahorses. Noah the Time Traveler, as he goes by, assures us that aliens will make us more united.

No More Countries

There will be no more separate states. Instead, Noah says we will become one big country with a global currency and be under one united flag. Given the increasing levels of globalization, this one doesn’t sound so unlikely. However, Noah also predicted that the U.S. will go to war with North Korea.

We’ll All Be Able to Time Travel

Noah came back with prophecies for 2019 but also for some more long-distance future events. In 2028, he says, time-traveling will be a skill we are all practicing. Not only that, but he predicted that people in 2029 will be able to cure blindness and paralysis via an implanted chip. The chip is known as “the one” and it will enhance our brains as well.

Although Noah’s stories sound better than sci-fi movies about time traveling, his predictions for 2019 and the years coming up to 2030 have obvious flaws. Yet Noah is not new to this. A magazine published his predictions in the past. Whether you choose to believe him or not, one thing’s certain: people are still eager to know and predict the future, just like it’s always been.