40+ Facts About Our Favorite Musicians That Are 100% True

40+ Facts About Our Favorite Musicians That Are 100% True

How well do you know your favorite musician? If you want to impress your crush by telling them some facts they’ve never heard before about their favorite artists, then you’re in the right place! We’ve done thorough and in-depth research on the authenticity of these facts. It’s safe to say that they’re true. So, without further ado, let’s get to know more about them.

Freddy Mercury and Princess Di

Suppose you met Princess Diana and she insisted that she stay with you a little longer. Could you ever in your right mind say no to her? Freddie Mercury certainly couldn’t when Diana asked him just that.

(Left) Reddit // u/[deleted] | (Right) Instagram // @popcultureheart
And so, he came up with a solid plan along with British comedian Kenny Everett. The guys disguised her highness and snuck her into a bar so she could stay with them without getting recognized.

Dolly Parton Lost

How would you feel if you failed at being yourself out in public? We have no idea how Dolly Parton must have felt but here’s what happened to her — she decided to enter one of those competitions in which people do impressions of celebrities.

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Out of the abundance of her excitement, she decided to exaggerate some of her core features. For instance, she went for bigger hair volume, which seemed unrealistic — plus a bigger beauty mark. And in the end, she lost.

Mariah Carey’s Ugly Break-Up

Oftentimes, things can get messy when there’s a break-up involved. Sometimes people can go a little overboard and put you through real trouble. Take Mariah Carey’s ex, for instance.

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He decided to swipe one of her pre-recorded audio samples with JLo and released a remix version before the original hit the market. That’s next-level evil in our opinion.

Brian May Is an Intellectual

If you resonate with Brian May with music, then we have a bomb from the stars for you. Though we all know him as a member of Queen, the world used to know him in a different way. Before joining the band, Brian was an astrophysicist.

Facebook // Cascinari Barbara

Not only this, he later completed his doctorate and finished his Ph.D. in the respective field. How cool is it that Brian chased his dreams whilst simultaneously working on the things he loved to do? So inspiring!