The World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Shared His Secret to Staying Fit

The Inspiring Journey of the World’s Oldest Bodybuilder

Born prematurely and with a host of health challenges, Jim Arrington’s life took an unexpected turn. In the late 1940s, as a teenager, he decided to chase his dreams of strength and resilience inspired by his beloved superheroes. Today, seven decades later, Jim Arrington is a regular face at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. His dedication is unwavering; he trains for a minimum of two hours twice a week. At the remarkable age of 90, he shattered expectations by continuing to participate in bodybuilding competitions, including his latest one in 2022. He stands tall as the world’s oldest professional bodybuilder, holding the esteemed title with pride.

Adaptation and Listening to His Body

Adaptation and Listening to His Body

In a recent video shared by the Guinness World Records, Jim Arrington unveiled one of the essential factors behind his enduring success—listening to his body and adjusting his training regimen accordingly. He emphasized that what may have worked for him in his younger days doesn’t necessarily apply now. The essence of bodybuilding lies in adaptation, he believes, and that has been his guiding light.

A Radical Diet Transformation

Jim’s journey is not only about adapting his workouts; it’s also a story of transforming his diet. During his early bodybuilding days, he followed the conventional “old style” muscle-growing diet, consuming hefty quantities of milk and beef. However, he recognized that this approach led to inflammation and made a pivotal decision to change his entire diet. This change allowed him to continue his training and maintain his extraordinary journey of fitness. Winning competitions and setting a world record have breathed new life into Jim Arrington’s existence. The sense of accomplishment has opened up new horizons, instilling him with an enduring passion for bodybuilding. However, what fuels his enthusiasm more are the individuals who approach him, expressing how he inspires them. For Jim, this is the ultimate motivation that keeps him moving forward.