Intuitive Eating Is the Anti-Diet Approach Toward Good Nutrition

At its core, intuitive eating is all about a new and refreshed approach toward food and eating habits. But it would be a mistake to view it as another diet plan. It takes into account one basic thing – how one feels about eating, which is a question generally overlooked by other trendy diet plans like keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, etc. Intuitive eating calls for eating according to your feelings to avoid cravings, keeping your body nurtured to avoid overeating, enjoying your foods, balancing with energizing exercises, and above all, chucking out all the diet plans and related mentality!

What Is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is a rebellion against the ongoing diet culture. An effective non-diet approach to nutrition, intuitive eating is based on a set of principles, designed to improve the relationship between food and the body. It’s a way to honor and satiate your hunger by making peace with food. Challenging the “food police,” intuitive eating enables you to enjoy the experience of eating, respect your body, practice self-compassion, and above all, eat in feel-good ways.

Benefits of Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating facilitates the mindset that eating is good for physical and mental health. Recent studies have proven that this practice can have a direct link with better body image, higher self-esteem, and a lower rate of engaging in eating disorders or related behaviors. One study has also shown that avid followers of intuitive eating had 74% lower odds of unhealthy binge eating than the rest of the study subjects over eight years.

Drawbacks of Intuitive Eating

Just like any dietary guideline set, not everyone is 100% on board with intuitive eating. As per the critics, it can boost junk food eating or avoiding veggies. But as nutrition experts say, after following a pattern of enjoying healthy foods all month long, taking a break by eating fries and Oreos for one day or two won’t spoil your good shape. And study evidence shows that intuitive eating can actually reduce emotional eating and improve body awareness.

Things to Know Before Starting Intuitive Eating

First of all, don’t fall into the trap of the common misunderstanding that intuitive eating means eating intuitively. Instead, it’s harder from the outset than it sounds. It can feel a little uncomfortable or even a bit scary to start intuitive eating, especially for those with a long history of dietary practices. The key here is to be patient with yourself and to remember that it’s a process of progression over perfection, which gets easier with time and practice.

Kanye West Talks About His Vision and Plans for the Future

Kanye West is known for changing the music industry, revolutionizing fashion and sneakers — and now, he is designing the building blocks of food, clothing, and shelter. He has recently purchased thousands of acres of land in Wyoming to build a test site for his numerous potential ideas.

Kanye West while performing
Kanye West Talks About His Vision and Plans for the Future

Will Welch had the opportunity to follow him from Cody, Wyoming to Calabasas, California, and from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to Paris, France, all the while interviewing him along the way.

New Albums, an “Altered” and Renewed Faith

Welch got deep and personal with Kanye as he joined him for over a month to talk about his vision and plans for the future. He mentioned that some of the laymen seen in the back of many of West’s pictures are his architects. They follow him around almost everywhere and are always taking down ideas.

West has recently become more active in the public eye after an extended time, in which he was quite silent. According to Kanye West, “Christ altered my ego,” which guided him to start his choir and Sunday Service. He also released a new faith-centric rap album, which was No. 1.

He also made his return to Paris Fashion Week and purchased a property in Wyoming. Many are wondering what it all came from or what it’s adding up to.

Kanye West and the Future

Farmland with farming vehicles and sheep
Kanye West Talks About His Vision and Plans for the Future

The land that Kanye West purchased consists of about 4,000 acres, lakes, and even wildlife. A tiny part of his vision is to raise the sheep that will later produce the wool for his Yeezy clothing brand. However, there is more to it.

The plan is for the land also to be where he constructs his test site, one of his boldest endeavors to date. It will potentially include single-family dwellings and even multi-family versions or retreat centers.