Get Fit and Stay Happy By Drenching Yourself in Cold Water

According to Will Ahmed, the CEO of the fitness tracker called Whoop, one of the most critical parts of his morning is taking an ice-cold shower. It improves his mood, helps him focus, and naturally makes him happier. He isn’t the only person who likes showering using cold water.

In fact, he is one of many who prefer cold showers and often dip themselves into cold tubs as they help with sore muscles and your mind.

What Does Cold Water Do?

Research has shown that there are some benefits to drenching yourself in cold water. One of them is pain relief. The exposure to cold water can constrict the blood vessel which helps numb and even reduce the pain. It can also prevent overheating and getting your body back to normal temperature when you are active on warmer days.

There has been other research done which shows cold water can also improve your mood by activating the sympathetic nervous system. This can increase your endorphins and norepinephrine which is your body’s response to stress.

Is There a Catch?

Taking a cold water shower can be a shock so it’s critical to keep your breathing under control to truly unlock the benefits. Without controlling your body, it may start to panic which will lead to an increased heart rate. That’s something you don’t want.

Athletes are some of the most common people who use this method after training and workouts as it can help with muscle soreness and building.

All types of people can do cold water immersion and you don’t have to be a top-performing athlete to feel the benefits. It is safe to do on a regular basis, but experts recommend trying it once weekly to start getting used to it. Starting at 3 minutes and building up to 5 and never exceeding 10 minutes is key.

Allbirds Aim to Reach Sneakers Aficionados With Their Latest Collab

Recently, direct-to-consumer New Zealand-American footwear company, Allbirds dropped a new collection that was created in collaboration with world-famous designer Jeff Staple. Up to now, the brand has remained relatively far-flung from the sneakers culture. It favored simple designs and targeted customer groups in the tech crowd.

New-Zealand-American footwear company Allbirds' logoAllbirds and Staple Are Focused on Sparking a Discussion About Sustainability

The shoe from the new collection fuses the company’s existing Tree Dasher style with Staple’s fantastic design. It features the Carbon Footprint label on the exterior of the shoe, which aims to raise awareness about sustainability. The label represents the brand’s carbon impact and has to date been added on the inside of all Allbirds’ footwear.

Both Staple and the company’s founder Tim Brown are relying on the unexpectedness of their collaboration to drive interest in their new products. The collection will be hyped on the brand’s digital marketing channels while the designer will promote his work to his Instagram followers.

Allbirds' new sneakers designed by famous designer Jeff StapleThe Company Hopes to Make a Name in the Sneakers World

This partnership gives Allbirds the unique opportunity to test its products on a broader market and determine its position in the sneakers world. They hope that working with an influential figure such as Jeff Staple will give them the credibility of a dependable streetwear brand.

Allbirds previously attempted to gain a position on the streetwear market by launching a small collab with Chinatown Market. Staple, on the other hand, has been in-demand in 2020 and has partnered up with over a dozen brands, including Fanta, New Balance, Cole Haan, and Nike.

Jeff Staple giving a lecture in New York CityThe sneakers are available on Allbirds’ e-commerce site, as well as at its New York retail store. The collection also includes a T-shirt and socks. All the products are sold at wallet-friendly prices while a portion of the sales will be used to help the Sunrise Movement.