Easy Ways to Make Sure That Kids Eat Their Vegetables

Parents often struggle to get their children to eat their vegetables, especially if their kids have that classic childhood stubborn streak. Most kids prefer to eat unhealthy options because they often taste so good, as opposed to options like veggies because they’re good for us. However, people have come up with clever and creative ways to sneak nutrition into kids’ diets without them noticing.

Easy Ways to Make Sure That Kids Eat Their Vegetables

Sneaking Vegetables into Meals

When kids know they’re eating vegetables, they’ll be more inclined to put their feet down and refuse. They may fuss and flight it because they assume eating healthy is not tasty. Surveys have shown that parents often dedicate themselves to pureeing, dicing, and grating vegetables so that they can sneak them into their kids’ meals. From adding spinach to brownies or adding vegetables under the cheese of a pizza so it is unseen, parents have done it all.

21% of parents polled really dedicate themselves to stealth health by pureeing, dicing, or even grating vegetables so they can be snuck into a plate undetected. Another 22% of parents have breaded veggies and told their children they were chicken nuggets in order to persuade them to eat it. Many have also masqueraded any meet they cook as chicken nuggets, which helps the kids welcome it into their tummies.

Easy Ways to Make Sure That Kids Eat Their Vegetables

One of the most successful ways to get kids to eat their vegetables is to have them help in the kitchen. 37% of parents have said that when their kids help them prepare meals, they are more inclined to try the vegetables they are using.

Common Hacks Used by Parents

Kids may be reluctant to eat their vegetables, but parents have found some hacks that work.

  • Having the child help cook the meal
  • Letting the child pick the healthy snacks they want
  • Only allowing the child to eat dessert if they finish all of their vegetables
  • Switching the packaging of unhealthy snacks with healthy ones
  • Buying healthy snacks with their child’s favorite characters on the packaging
  • Bribing the child with a treat in order for them to finish their dinner
  • Making funny faces with the food so they are amused
  • Asking them to take “one more bite” until they finish their meal
  • Allowing the child to put a little bit of their favorite sauce on the healthy foods they don’t like
  • Adding vegetables as substitutes to their favorite foods
  • Making cute and clever creations with the veggies on their plate

Teaching kids at an early age to eat and enjoy eating their vegetables is key.