How to Save Money Shopping at Dollar Tree: Savings Pros Reveal the Best Secrets

How to Save Money Shopping at Dollar Tree: Savings Pros Reveal the Best Secrets

Dollar Tree, the treasure trove of affordable goods, has been a favorite haunt for savvy shoppers. After briefly imposing a price increase, they returned to their iconic one-dollar price point in 2023. But, that’s not the only reason to love Dollar Tree. Here are seven expert secrets to save even more money when shopping at Dollar Tree.

Stay Informed About New Merchandise

To capitalize on the latest deals and products, stay updated on Dollar Tree’s offerings. Follow Dollar Tree on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter. Timing can be crucial—learn when your local store receives new deliveries to get the first pick of fresh stock.

Stay Informed About New Merchandise

You can even enjoy major brands at lower prices. Dollar Tree is now a favored destination for major brands aiming to cater to price-conscious shoppers. Look out for renowned brands like e.l.f., Crayola, Clorox, Crest, Dove, Tide, and more on Dollar Tree’s shelves — both in-store and online.

Post-Holiday Bargains

Don’t overlook Dollar Tree’s post-holiday sales. After major holidays, seasonal items are often heavily discounted.

Take advantage of these markdowns and stock up for future celebrations. For example, you can score decorations and supplies for a fraction of the cost for holidays like Halloween, saving significantly in the long run.

Explore Different Dollar Tree Locations

Much like off-price retailers, Dollar Tree stores vary in their product offerings. Some may excel in refrigerated foods, while others focus on toys.

Check online reviews of nearby Dollar Tree locations to discover which store offers the products you need, as it could be worth traveling a bit farther for a well-stocked location.

Bulk Buying on offers an excellent option to purchase items in bulk, which can be beneficial for teachers, event planners, or anyone looking to save money.

Bulk Buying on

Select your desired quantity and save on shipping by choosing free pickup at a nearby Dollar Tree store. This way, you save both on the cost of the items and on paying delivery fees!

Unleash Your Creativity With Craft Supplies

Dollar Tree is a hidden gem for craft enthusiasts. Find an array of affordable arts and crafts supplies, including paint, yarn, beads, and containers. Get creative and think outside the box; many products in other sections can be repurposed for crafting, making your projects both unique and budget-friendly.

Some Dollar Tree purchases consistently offer excellent value. Greeting cards and notecards, party supplies (including helium balloons), reading glasses, kitchen utensils, and storage containers are among the best bargains. Stock up on these items to enhance your savings throughout the year.

An Odd Repeatable Fast Radio Burst Event Has Been Studied Extensively

Astronomers have observed an unusual cosmic object that shot out over 1,500 blasts of energy during a short period of time. The researchers were uncertain what the cause of the repeated eruptions was and hoped the observations would help get an answer. Such an event is called a fast radio burst or an FRB and was first observed in 2007. The burst lasts only a few thousandths of a second and during that time produces as much energy as the Sun emits during an entire year. But the one that was recently observed repeated the burst many times over.

Objects Emitting More Than a Single Fast Radio Burst Could Be Magnetars

An artistic representation of a Magnetar doing a Fast Radio Burst Objects that have emitted a fast radio burst usually do so just once, but some are different. Researchers have already observed several that do more than a single fast radio burst, including FRB 121102, which is located in a dwarf galaxy that is some 3 billion light-years away. The distance of such FRBs makes them difficult to study, but in 2020, a group of astronomers found one inside the Milky Way galaxy. This allowed them to determine that the source of the event was a magnetar, which is a type of dead star.

Magnetars are formed from the ultra-dense stellar corpses called neutron stars. While the neutron stars have strong magnetic fields, some have especially intense magnetic fields that change their behavior, turning them into magnetars. Whether all FRBs are magnetars has not been determined yet.

The Five-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) Is Used to Study the Repeating Fast Radio Burst Phenomena

The Five-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope or FAST A group of scientists has started an extensive study of repeating FRBs using the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope in China. The campaign sets out to gather data on the repeating FRB 121102. Being the world’s most sensitive radio telescope, FAST is perfect for detecting things that other observatories may have missed.

The researchers watched FRB 121102 burst some 1,652 times, going up to 117 times per hour at one point. This is far more than other repeating FRBs, and that gives researchers reason to believe the bursts are caused by a strong magnetar.