These Are the Best Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails Forever

The habit of nail-biting is a constant pain and embarrassment in anyone’s life. If you are a biter, you know that it’s highly difficult to restrain yourself from biting your nails now and then. In such a case, you need to devise your own way to kick the fix. There are several market-available tools or products to help you out. But the truth is, treating and getting rid of long-term straightforward nail-biting habits require a little extra effort. We’ve come up with an easy yet effective four-step plan for you to achieve that goal.

Trimming it Down Short

It’s a getting-to-the-root solution. A nail-biter can’t bite if there is nothing left to chomp at. So, if you trim down your nails very short and make an effort to keep them that way, there would be nothing to nibble on in the first place. Just be careful not to expose too much sore skin under the nail bed or cause painful hangnails. Though it defies the usual and healthier standards of nail-clipping, we all know desperate time needs desperate measures!

Applying Polish or Lacquer

This is not at all a women-only step, as nail polishes are now increasingly getting popular among men too. So, take the opportunity and get creative. A coat of bright expressive polish will make your nails look less appealing. You can also apply a shiny layer of clear lacquer, which will also serve as a protective layer over your nails. The bottom line is, the feeling of joy from showing off your bright colorful nails will eventually overpower your inner urge of biting.

Paying for Manicures

You can take a DIY route here, but sometimes you need to go that extra mile, especially if you’re a nail-biter. Spending your hours and dollars at regular professional manicure jobs will give you added motivation to not chomp on your nails again. So, it’s worth investing, when you’ll do anything to keep yourself away from wasting all that money. Choose something elaborate or intricate nail art, so that you can never think of biting it off!

Taking the Bitter Route

When everything else fails, give yourself shock therapy! Paint your nails intentionally with bitter-tasting polishes. We don’t suggest you buy your nail polishes by sampling them! You can check out the ingredients written in the bottle or you can simply ask the seller, to be sure. This will initiate an instant reaction every time you place your fingernails absentmindedly to your mouth and eventually will get you rid of the habit.