Men In 2020 Were Skipping a Daily Shave and Learned to Wear Sweatpants

Recently, Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, testified before congress remotely and was sporting an enormous beard. Meanwhile, the rapper Tyler, The Creator, appeared at the People’s Choice awards with a hunter hat and a cream puffer jacket while carrying a man bag. What both these cases have in common is that they show where menswear and men’s grooming trends went in 2020. Many men decided they would not shave and changed the way they dressed completely.

Many Men Refused to Shave During 2020

Jack Dorsey went a year without a shave
It looks like men have put shaving low on their list of priorities because not getting a shave but growing throwback mustaches and isolation beards became the dominant trend. A Danish Grooming company even reported that a third of men were growing a beard during 2020. Apparently, men have become more comfortable experimenting with their beards and grooming routines.

When it comes to fashion though, instead of doing some experimentation, men were in full retreat. Sweatpants became a breakout hit this year, and some companies saw a 662% increase in year-on-year sales. This is attributed to the fact that the dominant ideologies behind men’s fashion were based on phrases such as “clothes make the man” and “dress for success,” but those advertising calls were no longer valid. Many were working from home or not at all during 2020, and the masculine archetypes of celebrities also changed radically. Calvin Harris was seen carrying a watermelon he had grown by himself, while actor Adam Scott shared a photo where he is dressed for birdwatching.

Both Men and Women Spent More Time Walking and Hiking During 2020

People Hiking
While men were refusing to shave, clothing companies reported spikes in sales for outdoor footwear because people in 2020 embraced the outdoors and spent more time walking, exploring, and hiking. Google reported that the most searched for activities were paddle-boarding, hiking, and kayaking, and the Environment Agency in the UK said that over one hundred thousand men had taken up fishing. Outdoor clothing brands also reported a surprising increase in sales of gilets and fleeces.

Men’s style in 2020, and onward, seems to continue veering towards the agrarian as many men no longer view fashion the same way. The designer Thierry Lasry even said that he realized half the clothes in his closet were unnecessary.