Man Shaves Off His Beard for the First Time in 8 Years

There are a few unforgettable first-time experiences that mark the life of a man. Growing a long beard is one of them but so is shaving it off after years of grooming and care. Facial hair is a big deal for men of all ages. It can completely change your look and nearly any beard transformation results in an entirely different appearance. Eric Bandholz is someone who definitely knows that.

The Before and After Beard Shave Video

Eric is the owner of Beardbrand, a company that supplies men with grooming products. He decided to give his Viking, ginger beard a shave-off for several personal and marketing reasons. After eight years, Eric decided to give his face a new look with a good shave. He uploaded a video of the whole process and had his barber try different styles as the hair came off.From a long Viking beard, he went to a shorter sharp-edge neck length and showed the viewers how to style and care for the hair and skin with this look. Then, he transitioned to thinner edges and more weight in the center of his face, around his chin and lips. The next phase was trimming the mustache and removing all the lower part of the beard, essentially leaving him with a beard-stache. After demonstrating grooming styles for this look too, it was time for all the hair to come off and for Eric to see his bare face for the first time in eight years.

What Makes Up a Good Shave

If you too have been growing a nice long beard and the time to shave it all off has come, keep some things in mind. The first one is the selection of a razor. Whether you choose a straight razor, an electric trimmer, or another option, each type has its merits. You need a clean face to start with, so wash the area well and apply a shaving cream that suits your skin type. If you go to a professional, he’ll take care of it all. For a safe and pleasant aftershave experience, treat your skin with a lotion and cream to prevent irritations.