3 of the Best Razors for Men in 2022

Whether you like to shave your beard daily, clean up the lines once a week, or achieve anything in between, a good quality razor is one of the most important tools for your grooming routine. But finding a good razor can be a task. Here are a few top razors for you to try out for that ultra-smooth, clean, and safe shave.

Gillette SkinGuard

Coming from the long-trusted men’s grooming brand Gillette, the Gillette SkinGuard stands out among its competitors for its extremely easy and comfortable shave. The guarded blades of the razor make shaving a breeze with zero irritation or tugging. It also includes an additional blade to enhance the precision of shaving. The durable product is also easy to clean. Thanks to its best-in-class features and performance, the razor can be easily touted as the best men’s razor available in the market today.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense

The Schick Hydro 5 Sense comes with an eye-catching design and a good performance review. This cartridge razor provides safety of action with one of the closer shaves from all market-available cartridge razors. It also ensures solid comfort during shaving. The product comes with a hefty handle, which is one of its most ergonomic features. The handle provides better control over the motion and turns of the blades. The razor also leaves the skin comparatively hydrated after a clean shave, as opposed to the feeling of dryness left by many razors.

Bevel Safety Razor

A no-nonsense cartridge razor, the Bevel Safety Razor provides the closest possible shave without the complexity of any extra added feature. The remarkably close shave comes from its single, double-edged blade. The cartridge option ensures safety by enclosing the blade during shaving. The long and sturdy handle makes it easier to hold the razor and steer the direction of the blade while shaving. The direct approach toward safety and comfort is what makes this one a customer-favorite safety razor for men.