The Best Way to Brush Hair

Hair brushes are not just for combing or styling but are also an important part of overall hair health. According to professionals, be it a man or woman, hair brushing shouldn’t be optional for anybody. From improving scalp health to keeping premature hair loss at bay, brushing your hair properly and regularly delivers wonderful results you’ve probably never imagined!

The Benefits

The best benefit of brushing hair is conditioning each and every hair strand. Our scalp has natural nourishing oils that can’t make their way down through the hair without help. Proper brushing helps here in distributing those oils. Brushing hair stimulates the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles in the process. We shed 50-100 hairs a day and it’s natural, as they grow back in a couple of months. Brushes help remove these ready-to-shed hairs without causing any premature falls.

The Correct Technique

The technique of hair brushing largely depends on the hair type and purpose. But for regular combing or special styling, one rule remains the same: You shouldn’t apply a lot of force while brushing your hair, even while fighting against knots. While detangling your hair, it’s ideal to start with the ends. Apply small steady strokes to free the bottom of the hair and then gradually work upwards. After reaching the scalp area, you should be able to use slow and longer strokes through your already untangled hair. Taking it slow and easy is the main mantra of brushing your hair!

The Consistency

Brushing hair at least once a day is ideal to incorporate brushing properly into your hair-care regimen. For dry hair, twice-a-day brushing with a morning and night pattern is good for a maximalist approach. Brushing is best done on dry hair, as it’s far less prone to breakage than wet hair strands. Curly-haired people can brush wet hair, but preferably after using a good conditioner and with a dedicated gentle wet brush.