Are You About To Get Inked? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Getting inked for the first time is a special moment in any man’s life. So, you have finally gathered the courage to get your first tattoo and now you want to feel as prepared as possible. There are a handful of things to consider in advance so doing your research is always a good idea.

The Artist & the Design

The two most crucial questions to answer are “What exactly do I want to get tattooed?” and “Who is going to do it?”. You can check local artists in your area on Instagram or just ask around. Before making a choice, make sure you see the tattoo artist’s previous work. When it comes to the idea and style for your first tattoo, you can keep it general and get a clearer vision after you meet with the tattooist.

You might find it useful to create a folder with the designs and artwork you like and look at the images later. Your tattooer doesn’t have to make an exact copy of an Instagram picture but it’s a good starting point. 

Consultation & Price

Most artists offer a free consultation, which you can use to show them your ideas and determine how long it will take. You can discuss adding color and where the design will be tattooed, as well as the price. An in-person consultation is what you should aim for because you want to see the place too. Look for signs that the tattoo artist of your choice keeps a clean station, tools, and materials.

A Prep For the Day

Before the big day of getting inked for the first time comes, you should know approximately how long it will take to have the tattoo done. Prepare accordingly and make sure you have some food beforehand. Always keep a bottle of water on the side too. Alcohol is not recommended on the day before getting inked because it thins your blood and your skin might not react well to the ink.

After Care

Essentially, a tattoo is a fresh wound on your skin and this means it will itch, blister, and shed for weeks to come. It’s very important to take good care of the spot afterward. You can use coconut oil as a more environmentally-friendly substitute for after-care products and apply it over the tattoo in a thin layer. When you are taking a shower, wash the area gently with soap and water.