Top 5 Useful Tips for Recently Divorced Dads

Divorce is that phase of life that is never dreamt of, yet is sometimes unavoidable. Being divorced works differently for different people. While some struggle to come out from that bitterness, some find the opportunity refreshing. But, either way, it’s a time to move ahead in life, especially if you get custody of your kids as a father. Here are a few tips for newly divorced fathers to get things right for themselves and their children.

Spending Time With Kids

At this turning point in life, you should focus on your kids. Not being a husband anymore doesn’t mean you need to stop being a father too. Interacting and spending time with your children helps in building a strong relationship and also in finding a purpose after being divorced. It’s time to create memories with your kids by playing games, reading books, or cooking together.

Future Planning

The end of a marriage doesn’t mean the end of the future. So, after getting divorced, it’s important to focus on the things you can control and develop a mental picture of them. The emotions associated with a divorce, like resentment, anger, relief, or disappointment, can get in the way easily. But, that shouldn’t define you anymore as it’s a time to start afresh.


This is a vital step for making it easy to move forward. It’s better to develop a clear ranking in your mind about the ‘top three’ goals to focus on in life from now on. It can be kids, parents, and jobs, respectively, or anything else according to different needs. But, the important things to do are to state them or write them down, and of course, stick to them no matter what.

Active Engaging

Staying busy is another important thing to do at this point in life. Being divorced possibly results in a bit more time on hand or a bit more space in life. So, it’s time to fill it up with something you enjoy or had planned for a long time, like learning a hobby, gardening, working out, catching up with old friends, investing in a new project, etc. It’ll stimulate your ability to thrive and survive.