A Man’s “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube Channel Has Gone Viral

Rob Kenney from Bellevue, Washington knows what it’s like to grow up without a father in his life. Now, he is helping out others who are in the same boat that he was in. He started his own YouTube channel and named it “Dad, How Do I?” It has blown up since he started it as he continues to post videos that help those who don’t have dads.

The host of Dad, How Do I?
A Man’s “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube Channel Has Gone Viral

From teaching them how to tie a tie to ironing dress shirts, fixing clogged drains, and more. For Rob Kenney, growing up without a dad meant that he wouldn’t have his own father teach him how to change car oil, install a shelf, or find a stud in the wall. That’s what motivated him to start his YouTube channel and help those who are in the same position that he was once in.

Filling the Void of Having No Dad

Kenney aims to teach valuable lessons to kids that most dads are meant to teach. Even though he only launched his YouTube channel 2 months ago, he already has more than two million subscribers. Kids and grown adults follow his clear step-by-step instructions for numerous jobs like jumpstarting a car and more.

The host of Dad, How Do I? showing how to iron shirts
A Man’s “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube Channel Has Gone Viral

While some of his most loyal fans are telling him to monetize his account, Rob mentioned that he didn’t start this channel for the money. He thought he would only have 30 or 40 subscribers – which he was content with. He also wanted to stress that this channel isn’t only for kids with no dad, but for young women, adults, and more.

Becoming a Role Model for Kids

Rob Kenney’s childhood is what makes him a role model for kids. Rob’s parents divorced when he was 14 years old, and they both decided that they were done with parenting. Rob moved in with his older brother and learned the lessons he needed in life without his parents in his life. However, that didn’t stop him from marrying on his own and having his own kids to whom he’s a very devoted father.