Dad Makes a Powerful Call to Action Sharing Photo of Changing Son’s Diaper

A father from Florida has recently made national headlines with this photo. Donte Palmer, a Jacksonville-based high school teacher, and dad of three took a photo of himself changing his baby son’s diaper. This photo made a much-needed statement that men’s bathrooms should feature changing tables. In the viral Instagram picture, Mr. Palmer is seen crouched in a public restroom, balancing his son on his lap to change the diaper. It’s quite clear from the picture that the two had to struggle to find balance since the men’s bathroom didn’t have a changing table. Apparently, most men’s bathrooms don’t!

The Message

Mr. Palmer wrote a message alongside the photo. In a very serious tone, he urged to change the impractical system of men’s bathrooms not having changing tables, as if fathers don’t exist! He also went on to ask football quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness on the issue as well as tagged The Shade Room, an entertainment news site.

The Event

Mr. Palmer has three sons, aged 12, 7, and 1. As he explained, the picture shows just a routine moment, when he stopped at the Texas Roadhouse for lunch with his family. While his wife went to the counter to order food, his youngest Liam started fussing and Mr. Palmer knew that he needed a diaper change. He headed to the men’s bathroom with baby Liam and his eldest son Isaiah, who was the photographer of this photo.

The Reactions

At first, Palmer’s message got a few eyebrow-raising reactions, where people commented that he could’ve changed his baby’s diaper in the car. Some even called his wife lazy for not doing the job by herself. However, there were also plenty of people who were on board with Palmer and shared his message. Some even shared their own snaps of similar experiences. The call for change seemed to spread fast with some hopeful results in the near future!

Mike Schur Will Create a TV Series Based on Field of Dreams

The producer of The Office and Parks and Recreation, Mike Schur, will adapt Field of Dreams for NBC’s Peacock streaming service. The news comes right after the MLB resurrected the ballpark from the cinematic classic for a game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox.

The MLB Has Announced a Future Field of Dreams Game Between the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds

The Field of Dreams field being built. The next Field of Dreams game will take place in Dyersville, Iowa, and is set for 2022. To top things off, NBC’s Peacock streaming service has ordered a series TV adaptation of the 1989 film. It will be helmed by Mike Schur, who wrote and produced for The Office, The Good Place, and Parks and Recreation.

Universal Television Has Great Fate In Mike Schur and His Skills for the Field of Dreams Series

Erin Underhill, president of Universal Television, has made a statement saying that the iconic Universal Film title could only have been entrusted to Mike Schur due to his talent and love for baseball. Schur’s reverence for the themes of the movie is what made him the perfect choice to revisit the beloved film in a manner that evokes visceral emotion and nostalgia.

A still from the Field of Dreams 1989 movie.

There is not much information about the series yet, and there is not yet a projected release date. As speculations go, fans expect some version of the original plot, which revolved around a farmer who’s told to build a ballpark by a creepy voice. When he fulfills the mysterious request, the ghosts of baseball’s day’s past appear to lay on the field. Mike Schur’s involvement could mean that the humor will be more absurdist with plenty of heart behind it all, just like with The Good Place.

One thing is certain — fans are into a hell of a return to the ball field. Liza Katz, president of NBC Universal Television and Streaming, has stated that Field of Dreams has managed to remain a fan favorite film, maintaining its position in the zeitgeist. According to her, the whimsical and grounded feeling of the move is a space where Mike Schur excels, and it will work in his favor as he and the entire team bring a new version of the classic to Peacock.