30+ Vintage Bathing Suits That Show What People Actually Wore Back in the Day

This article appeared in www.cleverclassic.com and has been published here with permission.
Vintage Bathing Suits

These days, swimsuits are all about showing as much skin as possible, so you can catch every last one of those sweet rays when you’re out on the beach. But the swimsuits of yesteryear featured a very different design. Modesty was the name of the game back then, and many swimsuits of the past incorporated fashion trends into their designs. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some vintage bathing suits that’ll make you want to go for a dip. Read on for the full scoop.

A Patriotic Day at the Beach

Here we see some vintage swimsuit designs that you may be more familiar with. While women were still strongly encouraged to cover up as much of their bodies as possible, they were still able to let some of their skin bask in the sunshine.

Shutterstock // Everett Collection

The popular swimsuits of this time often consisted of a top and matching pair of shorts or skorts and sometimes even included a belt.

Modest Muses

Here are two more swimsuit designs that you’re probably already familiar with. Stripes were all the rage when it came to bathing suits at this time, and while the picture is in black and white, they usually came in a range of bright colors.

Pinterest // @dalenavintage

Red was a particular favorite and was generally easier to produce. Even at the beach, these ladies have their hair up – modesty above all else, after all.

Women’s Swim Team of Australia

Women participating in professional swimming wore swimsuits that were a little different from those available to the public, though modesty was certainly still the name of the game.

Wikimedia Commons // George Grantham Bain Collection // Public Domain

These suits were usually one-piece costumes that covered up a bikini set underneath. Judging by this picture, they weren’t the most comfortable things in the world to swim in.

Ready, Set, Swim!

Hair was, and still is, a big part of the fashion of the past, and most women wanted to ensure that their hair always looked as good and healthy as possible.

Ranker // USC Libraries

Saltwater can be pretty damaging to your hair, especially if you swim in the sea regularly, so to combat this, many ladies opted to wear swimming caps to protect their locks. Maybe not the most fashionable accessory these days, but back then, they were all the rage.