Video Shows Al Pacino and Guy Fieri Getting Introduced by Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone, Guy Fieri, and Al Pacino sometimes enjoy food together. Does this sound to you like the beginning of a very interesting story? No doubt. A video on Sly’s Twitter feed, published on January 10, 2020, shows the very moment of the first meet-up of Al and Guy. The two legends got introduced to each other and it was captured in a 30-second video with 1.7M views.

A Surprising Friendship

The friendship between Sylvester Stallone and Guy Fieri came as a surprise, but apparently the actor and the culinary guru are good friends. The video could have been taken in Sylvester Stallone’s house and judging by the decorations, it must have been around Christmas time. We can only imagine the scrumptious goodness that Guy must have prepared to tickle their taste palettes.

Looks like Rocky got sick of his staple only-eggs morning punch and called and made friends with a professional chef. All jokes aside, Sly seems to share much more than Italian heritage with the New York Times best-selling author, chef, and restaurateur. In another video of the two hanging out, Sly takes a taste of the “best burger ever” and seconds later jokingly says “Everyone in here is fired” turning the camera to the whole kitchen staff.

Al Pacino: “I’m Always Hungry”

One of the facts we learned from this recent meet-up between the three titans is that Pacino’s always hungry and frankly, there is no better person to say it to than Guy Fieri. Unfortunately, we have no further footage of what happened next, what they gorged on or if there was a particular reason that made Sylvester Stallone introduce Guy to Al Pacino.

As much as people would love to know all about how the trio came to be and what they were treated to, the trip to Flavortown must have been truly amazing. Who knows, maybe someday Sly will give us a peek into them actually hanging out for more than 30 seconds.