Michael Jordan Sports a New Limited Edition ‘80s Inspired Wristwatch

Michael Jordan might not be the most fashion-forward man but he leaves his sartorial mark when it comes to accessories, especially sneakers and wristwatches. The NBA star has stockpiled one of the most exclusive and diverse collections of watches from niche high-minded makers like Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, and Ulysse Nardin. However, the one label he seems to always come back to is Urwerk. Recently, the star showed off a new piece from his go-to brand.

The Watch

At the Ally 400 race in Nashville, Michael Jordan sported a UR-220, the latest release from Urwerk. This series is limited to only 10 pieces and that particular piece marks the very last edition of the series. The wristwatch, worth roughly $150,000, showcases a wooden finish red gold dial with a clean white rubber strap. Michael Jordan’s love for Urwerk watches is not new. The last Urwerk piece we saw him wearing was a custom-made one that included numerals redesigned in Chicago-Bulls red. His iconic number 23 was also etched in gold Roman numerals. This time, it’s the limited edition Miami Vice-inspired Urwerk piece Jordan is loving, and we couldn’t agree more!

The Inspiration

Urwerk founders Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei revealed in a press release that the inspiration behind crafting this particular series of watches was none other than the 1980s hit Miami Vice. The duo focused especially on the pearly white smiles and golden tans of the TV show’s stars to create the design of the wristwatch. It’s actually the distinctly strange inspirations that make Urwerk such a unique brand. According to Baumgartner, time is a real luxury to have that needs to be appreciated. That’s why he and his partner focus on creating watches that help to make people conscious of their time. Hence, it’s no wonder that Michael Jordan is among the celebs to don their timeless timepieces.

The Bright-Colored Hair Dye Is the New Summer 2020 Trend

While men are known to experiment with their hair color, you might not find many of them choose any out-of-the-ordinary colors. However, this summer, many men are choosing to go brighter with their hair dye.

Bright Hair Dye Is Trending

Many celebrities are opting for bleached hair and clean beard look as they spend most of their time in lockdown. While some are stopping at the bleached look, some are going even further by adding some neon colors, and others are choosing wigs instead of damaging their hair.

Zayn Malik

Singer Zayn Malik and his purple hair ends
The Bright-Colored Hair Dye Is the New Summer 2020 Trend

Zayn doesn’t like to stay out of the public eye for too long. Earlier this year, Zayn chose to dye his hair pink, and it was just in time for Valentine’s Day. He’s kept the pink hair all the way through quarantine and even maintained it for the summer 2020 trend.

Luke Evans

Luke Evans and his neon red hair
The Bright-Colored Hair Dye Is the New Summer 2020 Trend

Keeping up with the pink and red theme, Luke Evans also chose to go for a brighter hair dye. He and his boyfriend did this together, and Luke even took to Instagram to caption a photo of the two with “Pink hair don’t care.”

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock and his bright green hair
The Bright-Colored Hair Dye Is the New Summer 2020 Trend

During quarantine, Bretman went through a few different bright hair color changes. Each week he chose to dye his hair a different color starting off with grey, then yellow-green, pink, pink-purple, purple, and then blue before he returned to his original hair color.


Singer Maluma's hairstyle
The Bright-Colored Hair Dye Is the New Summer 2020 Trend

Maluma is always looking to stay fashionable and trendy, but it’s not his first time changing the color of his hair. He bleached his long hair years ago, and now he brought the platinum color back. Maluma even went purple-pink before going all pink this Summer.

J. Balvin

Singer J. Balvin's neon rainbow hairstyle
The Bright-Colored Hair Dye Is the New Summer 2020 Trend

Whether J.Balvin was promoting his latest album Colores (Colors in Spanish) or simply keeping up with the trend, the secret is his. He dyed his hair rainbow, yellow, orange, green, back to rainbow, pink, added some tiger stripes, the list goes on.