Jada and Will Tell-All Book Currently in the Making

Jada and Will Tell-All Book Currently in the Making

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith appear ready to take fans deeper into their love stories and the world as they knew it. Jada Pinkett stated that they are planning to write a tell-all book, tentatively entitled Don’t Try This at Home.

Fans, as well as the media at large, have been curious about this revelation.

Sharing Their Journey

Jada Pinkett Smith has been in the spotlight while promoting her memoir, Worthy, where she candidly discusses her relationship with the A-list actor—with whom she has shared a tumultuous relationship that has been very public!

During this promotional tour, she made headlines for her open and honest reflections on their marriage and personal experiences. Now, the prospect of a tell-all book adds another layer to their narrative, promising an intimate exploration of their lives. Juicy.

Clarifying Their Relationship Status

The disclosure of the duo’s divorce has triggered heated debate. However, even after spending several years apart, the couple did not file for a divorce. In an interview recently, Jada asserted that through their marriage, her healing has been realized, and they will continue to work on rehabilitating their marriage.

Clarifying Their Relationship Status

She noted that her expectations for the relationship made it difficult for her to parse the realities of being in a partnership with Will. Her comments, however, reveal a bit more wisdom about relationships in general—people need to recognize the faults in their counterparts and see their humanity for the relationship to survive.

A Strong Foundation and Evolving Relationship

The 52-year-old has assured her fans that she and Will Smith stand together hand-in-hand even in the eye of the storm of salacious headlines!

Jada recently spoke about the infamous 2022 Oscars and how it made her realize her overpowering love for Will Smith—after he came to her defense after a joke by host-for-the-night Chris Rock. She admitted that the high-profile incident proved to be a turning point in their relationship and, despite the previous thoughts of divorce, they have decided on staying together by each other’s side. For now, at least!