Justin Bieber Talks About Fighting Tom Cruise and The Rock Weighs In

Even though the new year had just raised its head, Justin Bieber started it with his first weird social media post. The singer decided to reignite his one-sided Tom Cruise feud by posting an image of himself in boxing trunks. The Rock joined in the conversation.

The Rock Decided to Join the Conversation By Posting His Own Comment

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Justin Bieber Talks About Fighting Tom Cruise and The Rock Weighs In

With Justin Bieber implying that he was getting ready to defeat the Mission Impossible star, people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Logan Paul responded to the post in support of the singer, at least in good fun. The boxing trunks image of Justin Bieber was, in fact, a picture from his new music video shoot and not from a training session for a fight with Tom Cruise. Despite that, Bieber has reportedly trained for combat sports and could even hold his own in a possible fight.

The response to the image was wide, and the personality turned boxer, Logan Paul, called Bieber “Rocky Balbieber.” The Rock chimed in by busting out a Rocky quote and encouraging the young singer. This one-sided feud started back in 2019 when Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA battle out of nowhere. With the whole thing making little sense, and the reason why the singer chose to challenge Tom Cruise a mystery, Bieber confessed that he wasn’t actually serious, and was, in fact, joking. So people can now only assume that the new post is just everybody having fun with the old joke.

Tom Cruise Never Responded to Bieber’s New or Old Posts

Justin Bieber during a boxing workout
Justin Bieber Talks About Fighting Tom Cruise and The Rock Weighs In

Although celebrities like The Rock may be commenting on the possibility of such a fight, Tom Cruise has not responded to anything related to the whole story. Still, fans of the actor know that Tom Cruise may not be a fighter but could get physical if necessary. Certainly, Tom Cruise has received a lot of training for his movie fights, and the actor is famous for doing his own stunts as well. This would make him seem better prepared for an eventual fight, but that is a possibility that remains in the territory of speculation.