Is There a Back to the Future 4 Starring Tom Holland in the Works?

YouTube // KH Studio

If you’ve been on YouTube lately, you’ve probably seen the Back to the Future 4 trailer that’s gone viral. The clip features Tom Holland and Christopher Lloyd setting out on an adventure together. But, wait, isn’t Tom Holland taking a break from acting? And isn’t the Back to the Future series finished? What’s going on here?!


The trailer begins with Lloyd teasing, “It isn’t over Marty…there’s one more adventure waiting for us.” We then see Holland’s character stumble upon Doc’s old journal. We learn that someone is trying to change history, leaving Jake McFly (Marty McFly’s descendant) to move between timelines in an attempt to maintain world order. Sounds cool, right? Here’s the thing – the movie doesn’t exist.

KH Studio

As it turns out, the movie trailer was made by YouTuber KH Studio who’s notorious for creating trailers for films that don’t exist. The YouTuber admits to making fake trailers using “a variety of effect techniques, sound design, AI technologies, film analytics, and other elements.”

YouTube // gladiator88rm

Needless to say, the internet was extremely impressed with KH Studio’s talent and somewhat upset that this movie isn’t actually being made. In fact, many of the trailer’s viewers are promising they’d go to see such a film if it were to become a reality. We sure hope Hollywood is listening!